Bar Essay Graders – Because Every Answer Counts

Do you think 4 graded essays are enough to prepare you for the hardest professional examination in the nation?

There is a 52% chance or greater of you failing the California Bar Exam. It isn’t that you wouldn’t make for a great attorney. The truth is, however, that 65% of your grade depends on your written skills and how well you do on your essays dictates how well you do on your exam.

With so much riding on the outcome of your bar exam you don’t want to place your trust in 4 graded essays over 72 days of study. Instead, with Bar Essay Graders, you will be able to choose from 78 essays, on the topics you need and when you need them.

More Feedback Per Essay and 48-Hour Turn-Around!

The Bar Essay Graders program develops superior study habits by allowing you to schedule the most relevant essay to your current point in preparation for the bar. 65% of the bar exam is writing. 39% are essays, 26% are performance tests.

The two biggest mistakes you can make on the writing portion of the exam are waiting to start, and lack of organization. Our process not only gets you prepared right away, but we make it easy and remove the guesswork out of studying for the exam.

Bar Essay Graders 7 Step Process

The California Bar Exam may not be easy, but getting prepared for it does not have to be a nightmare. Our process puts you in the driver’s seat. You sit down, draft an essay answer and once you receive your graded exam, review where you need improvement.

Based upon the feedback you receive you’ll be given an indication of which issues and rules you need to review. The simple process of repeatedly drafting answers and reviewing where you need improvement will cement the major concepts in your mind and ensure success on the important written portion of the bar exam.

Our seven step process to getting started puts the power of choice in your hands. The follow seven steps details what you will receive and how the process unfolds when you enroll.

Enroll and receive a login Id and Password.

Receive immediate access to 78 actual past California Bar essay questions organized by subject area.

  • Chose an essay for which you would like to draft an answer.
  • Take the exam under timed conditions.
  • Submit the answer to our graders.
  • Receive a grade and feedback in less than 48 hours.
  • Your graded exam with feedback will remain posted to your account to review at your convenience.

Our philosophy is that the more you practice and receive calculated feedback the better essay writer you will become. The feedback you receive from our graders will dramatically improve your ability to organize complex sets of information in general. This is an essential and necessary skill when drafting performance test answers.

View the Grading Process

Take a sneak peek into the grading process of Bar Essay Graders.

Your Law Career Awaits You. Make Sure You Start It the Right Way. If you’re waiting to the last minute to study for the bar essays, you’re making the biggest mistake of your early career. In life, sometimes decisions really are simple. This is one of them. Enroll with Bar Essay Graders today.

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